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 Even in a world filled with mythical creatures, seventeen-year-old Willow Young is an anomaly.

After years of trying to hide Willow and protect her from a centuries-old feud between eternal and witch, her parents fail. When her mother is murdered, Willow learns the truth. She is part witch, part shape-shifter, and the first interracial child born into a world that forbids her existence. The ruler wants her dead.

When a fey bounty hunter gets too close, Willow and her father flee across country to his family--people she never knew existed. They try to teach Willow to use her magic, but with power she doesn’t understand and abilities she doesn’t want, Willow’s not sure she belongs in this new life.

However, when a mysterious stranger piques her interest, Willow finds something other than death to think about. James is a Dhampir soldier, and he’s Willow’s Nuttah--her predestined life mate. But James has dark secrets--he's the son of her mother’s murderer and he’s been sent to find Willow and kill her.

All Willow wants is a normal life, one that doesn’t include supernatural creatures trying to murder her at every turn. But when those she loves are threatened, Willow has no choice. She must embrace powerful abilities, believe in an unbelievable world, and take her place in an ancient war against the darkest of creatures--or die trying.
My young adult fantasy, THE WALKER AND THE WITCH, is complete at 74,000 words.