About Me

Dawn Rumburg has been a voracious reader since she was a young girl, and as a child, her mother often commented on her overactive imagination. As an adult, her imagination still runs along the lines of fantastical make-believe, and she's been accused of living in a fantasy world from time to time. She makes her home in a tiny village in west central Illinois with her husband and two quirky hound dogs. Their home is quiet with too many empty bedrooms now that the last of four sons have grown up and moved out. Dawn has seen many wonders the United States has to offer from the passenger seat of an 18-wheeler while working alongside her husband, and if you get the chance to camp at Yellowstone National Park, you'll find a picture of their monstrous orange semi-tractor on the "unique campers" board. During another trip, Dawn had the opportunity to visit her father's childhood home of Kelso, Washington and walk the streets he did as a boy. Listening to her father's stories of Kelso, she always wanted to use his childhood home as a setting in a fantasy story. Upon visiting and falling in love with the quaint community, THE WALKER AND THE WITCH, was born, which is currently in the querying process.When she's not fixated on her computer, playing with all her imaginary friends, she's a chronic TV watcher, horror junkie, avid reader and compulsive crafter.