Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My First Rejection Letter

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After days of waiting and checking my email program every hour for that long awaited reply from an agent, it finally came. My heart pounded and it seemed like a swarm of butterflies had taken up residency in my chest. Opening the email was almost as hard as sending the query letter, I was terrified.

Dear Ms. Rumburg, Thank you for giving me an opportunity to review your query.  My client list is comfortably full, however, and I am therefore taking on very few new writers; your material doesn’t sound quite right for me, nor I for it. I wish you the best of luck in finding representation elsewhere.

Very pleasant but heartbreaking. The query process is just that, it's a process. There are thousands of literary agents out there, and finding the right one is part of it. So why do I do it? Endless hours of researching agencies and agents, personalizing each and every query letter, second-guessing my query and sample pages every time I get a rejection ... Because "my agent" is out there and I'll find her one day. Giving up isn't an option.  

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