Saturday, September 27, 2014

Agents Queried - Now What

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There is no "easy" feat in the querying process. You've sent a batch of query letters out to your selected literary agents, and now - the wait. Don't sit around playing tidily-winks (as my dad used to say). Don't check your email every five minutes - it will drive you crazy. So what to do?

  • Go for a walk. When was the last time you saw the sky?
  • Visit family and friends. No, your computer is not the only interaction you need.
  • Clean house. The dust is piling up on those end tables.
And Then:
  • Review, Re-edit, Revise. Every time you go over your manuscript, chances are you'll find something. A misspelled word. A forgotten word. A missing word. A duplicated word.
  • Begin a new story. There are dozens flying through your mind. Aspiring authors are never at a loss for ideas.
Querying agents doesn't mean you've reached the end. It doesn't mean that manuscript you've slaved over all these months is sold. Agents are always on the look out for the next best-seller, but they are selective. Finding a literary agent/publisher who loves your story as much as you do, is not an easy task. Re-read that, nowhere in the last sentence was the word impossible ever implied.

Move on to the next project while you wait for agent replies. Keep those creative juices flowing.

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