Thursday, September 25, 2014

How I Make Characters Real

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The characters in my stories are real to me. They are my imaginary friends. I have a clear depiction of each in my mind. Their height, complexion, hair color and especially their eyes. I have this thing for eyes. I know their mannerisms, their personalities, and all about their childhood. But I like to put a real face to the people who frolic in my mind. A picture I can view with just a click of my mouse.

When I began writing The Walker And The Witch, I spent weeks searching the internet. I typed: new actresses/actors, models, and simply people, among other things into the search engine. It doesn't always work as in my main character, Willow. She's a combination of 3 faces I found.

Most of the time I find the perfect match. I'll happen upon the picture and talk to my computer screen: "There you are!" (Yes I talk to my computer. Doesn't everybody?)

This is also an excellent way to find new characters you didn't even know were characters. That's how I found Euros. I didn't know he was a character in my book until I saw a picture of this man. His eyes told his story and Euros was born.

It's a strange process, I know. But it's one that works for me.

What process do you use? How do your characters come to life? 

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